Create a specialized AI chatbot for your website!

Use the content of your own website for an AI chatbot that responds immediately to your customers' inquiries.

Consulting & Sales

The chatbot uses your website and documents to advise your customers in a first step and thus qualify your leads.

Customer service

Your chatbot is available around the clock and responds immediately, giving your service team more time to focus on providing high-quality advice.

Easy integration

The chatbot can be integrated into your website and used productively within minutes.


The chatbot can be easily customized to your CI to ensure a seamless customer experience and consistent brand identity.

Valuable information

Discover previously unrecognized valuable insights into your customers and use them to optimize your products and processes.

Sales optimization through customer service excellence

Challenge in sales

In a competitive market, effective customer service is critical to the success of your sales organization. But often your sales reps spend too much time answering repetitive customer questions instead of focusing on closing deals.

Sales solution approach

Discover an innovative solution to boost your sales - customized for your business. Our dedicated Mistral-based chatbot revolutionizes your customer service by providing your customers with instant and accurate answers to their questions.

Your advantages in sales

  • Fast and precise answers to customer queries that speed up the sales process

  • Relieve your sales staff of time-consuming support tasks so they can focus on generating sales.

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Customer service challenge

The traditional method of customer support could be inefficient and time-consuming, resulting in inadequate customer care.

Solution approach in customer service

Our customized GPT-based chatbot offers a simple and efficient way to optimize your customer service. With a knowledge base system created from your existing resources, your customers receive accurate and relevant answers to their questions - around the clock.

Your advantages in customer service

  • A comprehensive knowledge base built from your existing resources to provide accurate and relevant information.

  • Customization options to match the chatbot's appearance and voice to your brand and ensure a consistent brand experience.

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Optimize your customer service with our GPT chatbot

Act now: revolutionize your customer support


Get started with your chatbot

Get started today with your customized chatbot for your company and revolutionize your sales and customer support.


Test phase and free demo

Try our chatbot in beta or schedule a free demo to see how our solution can support your business goals.

Test Chatbot


Test phase and free demo

Try our chatbot in beta or schedule a free demo to see how our solution can support your business goals.